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I thought that our vote was supposed to be the vote which our government voted -which would be the values of the majority, I am assuming. While the government does many things that we as citizens do not agree with, the majority vote (whether it be electoral vote or otherwise) is supposed to be what prevails in all matters in this country. It was supposed to be a "good" thing. However, clearly, padded pockets have directed many elected officials to pass legislation/funding which is clearly not the mind/heart of the majority. Is it time to demand REAL CHANGE yet? I'm all for it.
While I have always allied myself more closely to conservative beliefs (and still do, for the most part), I fail to understand why nobody here is mentioning that birth control pills, IUD, Injections, etc., pretty much all cause the death of an embryo, usually preventing implantation. While I abhor the thought of aborting a pre-born baby at any stage, I also acknowledge that back-yard/alley abortions are not the answer, either. While I don't want to help pay for one, and would never condone one, either, I don't demonize one group over another over how they destroy the lives of their unborn. For me, one is no better than the next. If we want to talk about abstinence, too -let's use it to prevent an unwanted pregnancy in a marriage, too!
Instead of demonizing those in that area, why doesn't someone offer them some REAL HELP? That's not Federal assistance, in programs run by corrupt staff, who all take a cut, and then those who it's supposed to help at the bottom of the totem pole get no help, things only worsen for them, and then they are accused of being the problem, the drain on society. The drain on society are those who are dishonest, greedy, selfish, who perpetuate the "good-ol-boy" philosophy of greasing each other's palms, and always passing the buck when it comes time to "fess up" when caught with their hands in the till! Why bail out the banks for doing the same, while letting all the small businesses go under -that's what's hurt the nation's economy!
Oh - and who began sending jobs elsewhere, and taking them from their own citizens -who paid their paychecks? Yet, while income has been taken from the little guy, the big guy still gets higher and higher pay -why? Because he paid to have NAFTA passed into law, so Congress got their cut, the business owners all made out like fat rats, and the unemployed REAL VICTIMS are demonized for needing the unemployment they were forced to pay into while they were working, and happy to do so! Who's really the bad person here -the unemployed in need of help, or the employer who took the job and gave it away for lower wages? Just saying.....look it up, then get back to me. :)
Do any of you check into any of these programs to which you refer the nation's needy? Perhaps you should. Public Health Clinics have been filled to the brim, under funded, overbooked, closed down, have had staff (including the volunteer doctors and nurses) leave for greener pastures, etc., for years now, again -due to the huge increase in the unemployment rate -due to what? That would be the huge decrease in jobs on American soil -due to what? That would be outsourcing/NAFTA. You remember NAFTA, don't you? That was supposed to help everyone -yeah, everyone in other countries who got all the jobs which were taken from good, hard working americans, and sent overseas, and for what? So that employers could make larger profits!
In addition, what about children of those now under/unemployed due to outsourcing/NAFTA? Should they go without health care? Don't suggest the health department, please, which has been pared down to the bare bones for years now, and it's because of the people whose jobs were shipped overseas by the millions over the last 20 years, the last 10, in particular. How about doing some research? Are good Christians not to help the poor? And what about those born with debilitating diseases, here in this country, or who are injured, to the point where they are just not able to be substantially, gainfully employed? They need health care more than anyone. Do they deserve also to be let just die?
While being a firm believer in every able-bodied person below 70 earning their keep and doing what they should to ensure a safe and comfortable retirement and health care, please -do you really believe that it is the fault of seniors who (BY FORCE, NO LESS) paid for their Social Security checks and Medicare their entire adult/working lives do not deserve to get back what they need in return? If their Medicare does not pay for necessary care/services, they are told to apply for Medicaid. Should they just take to their beds and wait to die?
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