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I know several people who are ill or have been injured and disabled. They would have been dead years ago, had it not been for Medicaid. This is not rhetoric --- this is FACT. Please -do research the FACTS, before voting away what little millions of the sick, disabled, elderly and their innocent children have in the way of basic needs for existence. Things (trust me when I tell you this) are bad enough for them, as it is. Thank you. :)
Actually, traitorball, if there are no assistance programs for those who lost their jobs -whether it be due to outsourcing/NAFTA, injury, illness, old age, etc, do you honestly believe that citizens are just going to "take up the banner" of millions of people suddenly dropped from their health care insurance, with no income to support their needs for medical care, prescriptions, braces, etc., and also for even the most basic of food and housing needs? If I'm not mistaken, the reason FDR began these programs, it was because many were falling through the cracks and being lost, even then.. so -back to institutionalizing all of them under one roof, and praying for the best? That went well. :)
I'm sorry -traitorball -not sure what you're referring to when you say "God is ....., etc. There are so many comments here, it's hard to keep up with who's said what, when. Appreciate your great comments. :)
Again -those Public Health clinics are mostly there in name only, many having been either shut down, hours, benefits and services cut to bare bones, doctors moving elsewhere, etc. This is due in large part to forced Government cuts in "unnecessary" spending, and to the huge numbers of jobs shipped overseas at the inception of NAFTA, leaving too many seeking out these clinics for lack of any other choice. They are always overbooked, if even operating at all. Feel free to check.
As a matter of fact, that's not so far fetched -read about the age cut-off for cancer treatment in the "ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court" Health Care Reform Act, as it states that after a person manages to live to the ripe old age of 76 (I'm pretty sure I got that exact age correct), they will be denied care, other than palliative, and it will be rationed to the younger. Nice, huh? There's lots more, too -you should read it! I doubt the Supreme Court read much, if any. Oh -that's right -a member admitted that many briefs were not -but that others were trusted to share any important points! What a laugh that is! :)
LOL! While this is not a humorous issue, I finally have to laugh out loud at your humor! :)
While I don't agree with everything that either party has said/done/passed into law, legally or by other means, I must say that I am pro-life, ALL THE WAY! I also am pro-marriage, ALL THE WAY, and agree that chastity and abstinence are the first and best defense against unwanted pregnancy, and abortion. Honestly, anyone who is unable to reign in their own sexual desires/proclivities until being married really should not be sharing such rude -and quite frankly, rather distasteful -comments as yours.
Funny you should bring that up. You wanna read about the government's (AND THE UN'S, AND MANY OTHER COUNTRIES') attempts at population control? Neither side has EVER EVEN MENTIONED THIS, YET I promise you that with a Republican-controlled Congress, it will be pursued more aggressively! Google "Agenda 21", and don't just skim over the reports/commentaries on it -read the ENTIRE ACT. I promise you, it will be enlightening, regardless to whatever political party you're registered. For a look at the entire act, you can also go to www.http://thenationwithoutremorse.blogspot.com. It's all there.
Are you really pro-life? Do you practice any other form of "birth control"? Not that I agree any more than you do with abortion, but birth control prevents birth by preventing a fertilized egg (embryo -unborn child) from implanting and developing full term, so it causes a slow, and possibly painful death of what would have become a beautiful baby, if allowed to do what it was intended to do unhindered/unharmed. As you said, chastity and abstinence are things that should be taught-not to only Mr. Obama's daughters, but to all females worldwide. That's the only true way to save the unborn, innocent and defenseless lives you are concerned over. Please be careful what you wish for. :)
I thought that our vote was supposed to be the vote which our government voted -which would be the values of the majority, I am assuming. While the government does many things that we as citizens do not agree with, the majority vote (whether it be electoral vote or otherwise) is supposed to be what prevails in all matters in this country. It was supposed to be a "good" thing. However, clearly, padded pockets have directed many elected officials to pass legislation/funding which is clearly not the mind/heart of the majority. Is it time to demand REAL CHANGE yet? I'm all for it.
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