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And Reason sure hasn't had the best track record in terms of steering us well, yet we would be hard-pressed to say that we should never trust it. Likewise with the heart, which can be truer than Reason, as well as misguided at times. We are complex creatures, and one-size, one answer, one way simply doesn't apply very well. That is not "moral relativism," but an acknowledgment that discernment is our challenge ~ to bring about genuine mindfulness to all that we can. Failure is a fact of life, too, but all we can really do is the best we can, and God doesn't expect us to be perfect does He?
Like I said, my church won't bless a marriage after a certain number of divorces. many won't.
The article does more than imply that sex outside of marriage is a sin:. "...it is sex outside of God's definition that matters...." Slippery slopes....
Sometimes it is very easy when you are true to your heart.
as life goals ~ liberty and the pursuit of happiness ~ by engaging in this relationship? Of course not. So far, I am speaking strictly from a Christian perspective, and I am not even going to touch on Islam and Sharia Law and how any of that may weigh in on "moral relativism" nor sin nor human perspectives. In human life, very little is really quite as simple as the labels we use imply.
The Bible says that Man is not meant to live alone, and both of us are very alone without this mutually-sustaining and fulfilling relationship that we are currently crafting together. Do I feel as though what we are doing is sinful because we are choosing not to marry? That is, of course, a rhetorical question. Do I believe that I am submitting to "moral relativism" because I am intimately involved ~ in all aspects that term may conjure ~ with a man to whom I am not married and likely never will be nor even be allowed to be according to the tenets of my church? Do I believe that as a consequence that I am sinning in having at least two of my inalienable political
I am a 56-year old, thrice-divorced female in an intimate relationship with a 58-year-old, widowed man with whom I recently became reacquainted after a 41-year hiatus. We briefly knew each other in high school. My Protestant denomination will not bless a marriage between us because I basically got it wrong three times in the past. In addition to that, the estate laws of our state and country would strip him of a sizable inheritance from his deceased wife in the event that he remarries, which I can't see serves much benefit for anyone except the institutions that currently pay him. I am beyond child-bearing age, so our intimacy has no real biological purpose.
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