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The Year of "Our Savior" Obama

nimh2 Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 6:46 AM
So-called "journalists" need to be licensed, have "waiting periods" before their "stories (lies)" can be published. In addition, ALL printing presses need to be restricted to printing 10 sheets at a time--no multiple sheet presses allowed. All news agencies will have to submit their personnel for in depth "evaluations" and will have to take a test to determine their "fitness" to function as "journalists. All media will be subject to frivolous lawsuits for just about any reason--even for journalistic "malpractice".
Ron781 Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 11:31 AM
I've been reading Pravda (online) and found it to be more honest that our MSM. Now who would have thought.....
The year 2012 was defined by the calculated re-emergence of Obama worship, no matter how obvious his failures in office. After his re-election, the actor Jamie Foxx let it all hang out in a tribute at the BET Awards on November 25: "First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior, Barack Obama!"

For that President Jesus gasbaggery, Foxx was selected as one of the winners of the Media Research Center's Best Notable Quotables of 2012, a collection of liberal foolishness selected by 46 judges of distinction in the conservative media. Foxx won the "Barbra Streisand...