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Put Prospective Gun Owners Under The Microscope

nimh2 Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 6:27 AM
It is interesting to note that the cops that responded to the Newtown massacre (as well as in all of the other school massacres) "sat on their hands" until the shooting stopped. WHY were they not "proactive and in that building as the shooting was going on?? I guess that the "boys in blue" can't risk getting a hangnail. Cops are only useful for taking reports AFTER the fact.
CVN65 Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 8:30 AM
SCOTUS has openly ruled that this is the case. They did the same thing in Columbine as people bled to death. Unbelievable. Shooting in schools and they sit outside waiting for backup until it's all over.

PARIS -- Anyone who can't withstand a rational debate on the subject of gun control -- particularly in light of last week's Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut -- should be automatically prohibited from ever owning a firearm. In fact, this should be the number-one requirement of gun ownership: Can someone applying for ownership of a deadly weapon withstand an hour-long debate against someone in favor of gun control without resorting to physical or verbal assault?

Is it too much to ask that every person wanting to possess a firearm be subject to a battery of tests -- everything from...