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Houston Group Begins Study to Determine Whether More Guns Equals Less Crime

nimh2 Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 7:33 AM
We don't "need" another "study" . . . especially on that can be "skewed" to achieve desired "result". A good example of "skewed" results is that of marijuana . . . despite numerous studies showing the efficacy and safety of the substance, IT IS NEVER ENOUGH for those who don't like the "result". We have seen the same situation with guns . . . despite numerous studies showing that "more guns (in responsible hands) equal less crime", it will never be enough for the gun-control crowd.

Executive Director of Armed Citizens Project Kyle Coplen is determined to figure out if more guns really lead to less crime. To do this, the organization is seeking to arm individuals in a few “mid to high crime” Houston neighborhoods to determine whether there’s a statistically significant relationship—or even a causal link—between...

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