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A Cop's Best Friend

nimh1 Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 12:32 PM
There is no such thing as a "trained" drug dog. . . ALL dogs take "cues" from their handlers and will do anything to "please" their handlers. There was a case of a so-called trained "arson" dog. A firefighter from Eastpointe Michigan claimed that his dog could detect remnants of arson and was used by "law enforcement" to "prove" arson. It was later found out that the dog had no special skills and that many people were wrongly accused of arson. Of course, nothing happened to this guy, even though he ruined many innocent lives. You can be sure that the insurance companies LOVED this guy and his dog.

Our dog, a Maltese/Yorkshire terrier mix named Lana, knows one trick: She sits on command. Sometimes this will get her a peanut, but it does not really do anything for me.

When Aldo and Franky sit, by contrast, they accomplish something important for their police handlers, signaling the presence of illegal drugs and justifying searches that would otherwise be prohibited by the Fourth Amendment.

Two cases the Supreme Court heard last week offer an opportunity to impose long overdue restraints on this amazing ability to transform a cop's hunch into probable cause, which is based on serious misconceptions...