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Obama Supporter Hugo Chavez Wins Re-Election

Nik L Wrote: Oct 08, 2012 12:59 PM
The AP’s description of Chavez’s win as evidence of his “masterful political touch” tells one all one needs to know about AP’s integrity. Chavez is Venezuela’s Peron; if it weren’t for the oil, Venezuela would be the basket-case that Argentina became. We have our own example, here.

Venezuelan President/Dictator Hugo Chavez has won re-election. More from AP:

President Hugo Chavez put to rest any doubts about his masterful political touch in winning a third consecutive six-year term after a bitterly fought race against a youthful rival who has galvanized Venezuela's opposition.

The state governor who lost Sunday's presidential vote, Henrique Capriles, had accused the flamboyant incumbent of unfairly leveraging to his advantage Venezuela's oil wealth to finance his campaign as well as flaunting his near total control of state institutions.

Capriles also narrowed Chavez's margin of victory...

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