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Leaning in to Hear the Grrr Become a Growl

Nik L Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 12:16 PM
The whole notion of “having it all” is moronic. NO ONE has it all - male or female - and there are costs and benefits to any life-style or life-path one chooses – male and female. Anyone who asserts that they have it all or that others can have it all are either liars or delusional. The sad thing is that 2-3 generations of woman have been taught to believe otherwise, at great cost to everyone around them and to themselves.
Tea Party in Wisconsin formerlyTea Party Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 5:59 PM
Yep, I have a dau in law that has said she can't stay home with her kids, she has to be out working and she isn't making a ton of money. I have a difficult time understanding her decision since she has two boys 4 and 1 year, and she comes from a one parent family for a few years til her father remarried her mother who had serious mental issues and left them again. I am not going to fault her because I do understand she is a product of her upbringing and she is a nice young woman but as she once told me she never had a role model.
Denise67 Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 6:29 PM
That makes sense. She isn't engaging in paid work for the money but because she gets a certain stimulation from it she isn't getting from full-time homemaking. The truth is that housewifery is the right way for many women but not for all. Your daughter-in-law may enjoy more adult company during the day than she would if she stayed home. She may want the job to structure her day. Heck, she may actually want to get a break from the kids for a few hours a day.
It is up to the individual. People on both sides should quit ragging and leave it up to the individuals.

Fifty years ago, Betty Friedan described the suburban woman as the unhappy housewife. She lacked challenging choices. Her abilities and identities were attached to her kitchen. She could whip up sour-cream-and-artichoke dips in a flash in an up-to-date kitchen with a refrigerator, range and blender in coordinated shades of peach, tan and aquamarine, but you could hear growing laments of discontent as the grrr in the purr became a growl.

The "woman of the house" became a frazzled chauffeur carpooling kids to school, baseball games and ballet classes in a station wagon that Detroit stripped of the wood that...