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Let’s see those funds-sourcing lists and the studies that resulted from them – from both sides of the issue. For example, let’s see the details of the studies done by Michael Mann, whose “hockey-stick” work was the fundamental underpinning of the IPCC’s reports and of Al Gore’s PowerPoint lectures, and where his funding came from. The study details have never been made public, despite the apparent funding having come from government grants and publically funded institutions. Dr. Mann is the Jonathan Gruber of human-caused “climate change.”
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CPAC Interview: Carly Fiorina Talks 2016

Nik L Wrote: Feb 27, 2015 3:29 PM
Carly should steer clear of mocking Hillary’s lack of accomplishments (even though Hillary deserves it). Carly’s leaping to HP from a wounded Lucent that she helped drive a stake into, then pushing HP’s acquisition of a sinking Compaq, followed by running the combo into the ground do not make a notably better record. Carly is a very well polished & coifed empty suit who follows whatever the big-name consultants tell her to do.
Taft, what has Jesus taught that Walker has mocked? What lies has Walker told? If Walker is clueless about foreign policy, then he is no worse that Obama.
If you’re taking flack, you know you’re over the target. (If the media persist in trying to destroy Walker, it indicates that they are afraid of him. If they are afraid of him, he must be the best GOP candidate.)
Baby parts in the sewers? Call the EPA!
Is Dear Ruler gonna rush over to Denmark for another selfie with the PM?
I’m still waiting for O'Reilly to explain why collusion by “big oil” to keep gasoline prices high has not been effective lately.
Understand the meaning of his explanation. He’s was a helpless victim. The devil made him do it. The media will now hail him as being oh-so courageous for having overcome the terrible forces that made him do it – after he got called on it.
So, will sponsors of Nightly News get refunds?
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Defense Against Demagogues

Nik L Wrote: Jan 28, 2015 9:58 AM
I usually enjoy watching Bill O’Reilly, but he has a history of piling on when gasoline prices get high, implying collusion by the oil companies and ignoring the facts. I suspect that he does it only to bolster his “I’m protecting the folks” credentials, rather than truly believing what he says. Regardless, his piling on helps perpetuate the lies and ignorance, and it aggravates economic division. Given the size of his pulpit, it is as irresponsible as Al Sharpton’s scurrilous claims.
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