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The United States of Racism

Nikkofly Wrote: Aug 18, 2013 7:47 AM
As a baby boomer, I felt a tad offended by our exclusion. We too couldn't care less about his race, EXCEPT for what I knew would most certainly come permanently attached to it. obama's followers -- radical/Republic-haters, entitlement addicts, and immorality practitioners are always at the ready to play the race card in his defense. Sadly, so is obama. You would like to believe a potus would be above all that, and would not act Hitler-like when someone dares make him the butt of a clean joke. But not THIS potus. He has been protected, shielded and treated with kid gloves by the fourth estate from the gitgo. He has been pampered and rarely, if ever, asked the tough question -- the ONLY kind EVER asked of a conservative candidate/potus. He believes he is entitled to the same coddling by the public that is afforded him by graduates of Goebbel’s College of Journalism. obama has continuously shown himself to be a weak, easily offended momma’s boy. He has nary a clue what it is truly like to be potus -- in many more ways than one. Never have I seen an enemy-of-the-state voted into the White House. And not just once mind you, but TWICE! Why? Because 51% of the voters who responded to a national poll on 11-6-2012 proved that they are either complete idiots, or completely indifferent when it comes to the well-being of our Republic. Probably a bit of both. To suggest that the election was stolen is a under-statement of mammoth proportions from everything I gleaned from reliable non-leftwing sources. NOT the sour grapes “stolen” fabrication of 2000, but the real McCoy. Liberal voters were out in force -- having been instructed to bring a change of clothing and to vote early and often. Dead people voted obama. Prisoners voted obama. Illegal aliens and other non-citizen types voted obama. Black Panthers love obama almost as much as they love intimidation. It was reported that some ballot boxes in heavily conservative districts did disappearing acts. It was also reported that handpicked vote tabulators accidentally on-purpose miscounted ballots in obama’s favor. “Journalists” did everything in their highly-biased, ethics-challenged power to smear obama’s opponent right up THROUGH election day. Merely the tip of the iceberg based upon what I heard and read from reliable sources as to foul play committed to secure a second term for the America-hating muslim with a plan. A non-complicit and non-treasonous press would have prevented this. Instead, they were the enablers. Amazing what happens when you sell your soul to Satan.