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Gitmo North Returns: Obama's Shady Prison Deal

Nikkofly Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 7:30 AM
Another notch in the president's gun -- you know -- the one he's holding to our collective head as he merrily goes along breaking laws with a committed and complicit media that makes it all possible! Can you imagine the knashing of teeth, the self-righteous media on the attack like hungry pit bulls, and the liberal lynching mobs on every street corner -- if this were a Republican president having committed even 1/10th of the slimy, underhanded, back-door, impeachable, "executive privilege" deals that are attributable to our current criminal-in-chief?!? Can you imagine?!? I certainly can! Seen it firsthand & bought the t-shirt. Welcome to America..Land of Liberal Hypocrisy & their denial thereof.
If you thought President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder had given up on closing Guantanamo Bay and bringing jihadists to American soil, think again. Two troubling developments on the Gitmo front should have every American on edge.

The first White House maneuver took place in October, while much of the public and the media were preoccupied with election news. On Oct. 2, Obama's cash-strapped Illinois pals announced that the federal government bought out the Thomson Correctional Center in western Illinois for $165 million. According to, a recent appraisal put the value of the facility at $220 million.

Democratic Senate Majority Whip...