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Facts annoy you? You can't be a gang member because you spelled correctly. Perhaps in the movie industry? Recording industry? Have a vested interest in rejecting culpability?? Fill us in. Where are you coming from with your blanket rejection of Michelle's column?
SNL makes fun of everyone and everything that promotes decency and restraint. SNL gives freedom of speech a bad name, just as all liberals do. They of course say the same thing about conservatives. We shouldn't have the freedom to cry foul when they go too far (no such thing in a liberal's mind)...when they push the envelope week after week after week...and when they keep lowering the bar year after year. But since they're all atheists, they don't see it that way. To them, it's artistic license. To decent folk, it's moral relativity, and it makes our country look and smell more like Sodom and Gomorrah with each passing second. They do more harm than they know, but someday they will all know.
Golly gee, it only took the demoncrats in congress six years to grow the cahones necessary to actually speak up (a tiny bit) about the emperor ignoring them there in the big round room! Gosh, maybe in another six years you'll notice that there is no need for a congress cuz our Republic doesn't exist anymore!
You've got him figured out, totally! I have no idea how many demons live inside this creature, but it has to be a goodly number considering the depth of his depravity. Anyone who thinks demon-possession is some sort of Catholic fantasy, think again. I'm not Catholic and know for a fact that it is all too real. Who were the ONLY ones in the Bible who ALWAYS recognized Jesus whenever and wherever they encountered him, even if they had never seen him before? Demons. Q; How can you tell if obama is lying? A: His lips are moving.
I guess he doesn't think anyone takes notes, or that anything is recorded. Confront him with proof that he's lying thru his teeth......wait -- the press doesn't do that anymore, and if it's a conservative news source, well, you know.....they obviously made it up, doctored it, or simply don't understand what he's talking about. I do LOVE how he keeps giving us all these highlight reel bloopers that can later be played in a continuous loop on a megatron screen at the obama LIEbrary.
It starts slow, like the bubonic plague......next thing you know, you're cuffed and on your way to a Realignment Center for Government Appreciation. A question to ponder, and yes, it has been asked numerous times before, but now it's getting a little more obtuse: Would this have happened if the "prayers" had been muslims in full muslim garb? Just asking.
Groob is a boob.....another class act from liberal land. Will say and do anything, no matter how tactless or irrelevant, to try and gain an advantage. If this somehow manages to gain her an advantage, it only serves to illustrate just how racist some of her constituents must be. Sad.
It is so comforting to know that we have a POTUS who will take command of this situation and make Russia/Putin wish they had never been born! In-between golf swings, he will see to it that sound-bytes are provided and made available to all the major networks to bury. He can be counted upon to say historically-memorable things like, "We may have a terrible tragedy here. Did you hear the one about the Jew who walked into a bar....". You simply can't buy that kind of comfort and security!
"Make no mistake -- withholding basic health care like birth control from women is gender bigotry." Poor, poor women. I didn't know that baby killing was "...basic health care...". Poor, poor men. No one to buy their condoms for them. Such gender bigotry I have never witnessed! sarc
So long as Holder doesn't have a single, solitary ethical leg to stand on, he will never run out of race cards. He buys them by the gross from Race Is Us. He is as amoral as they come, which of course highly qualifies him for the top attorney position in the country in the eyes of an amoral POTUS who plans to take tremendous advantage of just such a shortcoming. And has he ever! As usual, thanks for the great column, Larry!
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