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From what interviews I saw of the parents, I was left with the distinct feeling that they might have also instilled in Michael a fairly strong dislike and contempt for white people. IMO
My sarcasm was a tribute to your sarcasm. WELL SAID!! :-)
Hello Al Sharpton and welcome to our thread!
Oh contraire Joshua DoBoys! Ferguson gives blacks a green light to loot and pillage, pillage and loot, and loot and pillage until the cows come home, with very little in the way of consequences. It also gives thugs like the late Michael Brown the right to rob and bully store owners and attack police officers like a delirious rampaging bull, yet have all the focus and attention be on the police officer's split second decision to either defend himself or die.
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Time to Stop the Moderator Masochism

Nikkofly Wrote: Nov 26, 2014 7:20 AM
Chuck Todd is only an 'a' away from a Toad! Gruber's infamous quote had to have been a Freudian slip about liberals!
Apparently obama didn't feel that the level of manufactured racism, destruction and anarchy were quite high enough to suit him. Time to SEND IN THE CLOWN! The sickening thing about the riots is that they would have occurred regardless of the outcome. If Wilson had been indicted, the riots would have ensued and been referred to as "celebration". Far too much time, White House money and effort had been invested to go quietly into the night. Besides, the thugs can't let all those rating-crazed news crews go home empty-handed. They came here to ensure a riot, and by golly we're going to give'em one! There will be some token attempts by law enforcement and National Guard to make it look like they are actually trying to stop the riots, but unless they want a long list of Michael Brown-type martyrs to deal with afterwards, the worst that will happen will be some bean bags and tear gas. They're too politically-correct to institute any real measures that would bring the chaos to a screeching halt. Welcome to obamaland. Home of a muslim potus whose goal is to make things worse, not better. Any why not?!? We're the Great Satan in his eyes. Which explains why he is deliberately allowing terrorists into our country so that they can create strong cells that will go on the attack shortly after obama is out of office -- just to show us how much better off we were with him than without. Sure. Uh-huh. If the next potus follows Obama's m.o., then he can blame obama for everything bad that happens during his entire tenure as president. Such an easy and lame cop-out. But since most any conservative president will have a thousand times more character than obama (or perhaps a million times), we shouldn't have to worry too much about being constantly serenaded with "IT'S NOT MY FAULT!" lyrics.
The media (obama's army) continually mocked it and turned it into a "joke" and a "crackpot Republican scheme", and then simply stopped reporting on it. Just like everything else that shows our criminal-in-chief in a bad light.
I advocate that obama should be arrested and forcibly removed from the White House and placed in solitary confinement at Fort Knox until such time as his court date for treason -- violating his oath of office, aiding and abetting terrorists, ignoring the U.S. Constitution, ignoring the U.S. Congress, inciting racism, opening our borders to criminals, and other high crimes against The USA. We will look back and wonder why we allowed this America-hating Muslim to run roughshod over our Republic, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and use the government and the presidency as weapons against his enemies, namely conservatives, Christians and Jews, and forever changing the voting demographic of this country to greatly favor the demoncratic party. Evil personified.
"Does Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch Support Obama's Illegal Executive Amnesty?" Next DUMB question?!?
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Random Thoughts

Nikkofly Wrote: Nov 03, 2014 4:03 AM
The entire column is superb, as usual, but this 'Random Thought" is a real standout for me -- especially the final sentence: "Some people question Barack Obama's competence, because he appointed a man with no medical background to be the Ebola czar. But Obama is not trying to solve a medical problem. He is trying to solve a political problem, on the eve of an election -- and a political partisan is the way to do that. Expecting Obama to be concerned about a medical threat to the American people is unrealistic, in view of the man's whole history."
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