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5 People Who Were Murdered For Being White in America

Nikkofly Wrote: Sep 15, 2013 2:25 AM
Brilliant column, John. Something that is important to make clear to everyone that reads it is that for every one of these premeditated and true-racist murders, there are who knows how many that go unreported because as we well know (or certainly should by now!), the media is comprised of at least 94% liberals based upon their own (anonymous survey) admissions, and it is an unwritten job requirement that they talk down white people, talk down conservatives, talk up racism, talk up white guilt, talk up white on black crime, AND completely, COMPLETELY downplay black on white crime - as in pretend it doesn't exist, never happened. I dislike with a passion the tactics of the Sharptons and Jacksons of the world, but I truly despise what the press became as of 2008. They were bad enough before, needless to say, but in 2008 they collectively agreed to dispense with any and all pretense of being impartial and/or fair and balanced. Sadly, they genuinely appear to enjoy their new found freedom of swimming in their own vomit. obama, and the myriad other serious problems (i.e. societal collapse) that we face today have been allowed to flourish and thrive thanks in VERY large part to a fourth estate that on one iniquitous day in 2008 decided to abandon every single remaining shred of respectability and decency that they possessed. We will not forget.