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The Week In Stupid

niki069a Wrote: Jan 06, 2013 10:26 PM
Those greedy rich people that he refers to are the working class rich, the business that employ and pay wages and benefits but the rich that are exempt from his tax onslaught are the Buffet, Gates, Kerry's (Heinz) and all the Hollywood elitist and production companies including wall street. They are the richest of the rich and they are his main contributors all holding offshore accounts....To all Liberals who are so tickled in taxing the rich, tell me how many unemployed poor people that you know of create and hire people?.

Sometimes there is so much stupid going on in the world that you have to just stop and take stock of it all.

Al Gore sells Current TV to Al Jazeera.

The Americans who owned the anti-American network Current TV soon will be replaced as owners by foreigners who operate the anti-American network Al Jazeera. I doubt any of the 40,000 regular Current TV viewers would have noticed had the news not gone public. Of course, most of them spend their time writing diaries at the DailyKos, when not being yelled at by their moms to clean their rooms....