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You what a tell tale is when he's lying? His ears stick out further from his head.
You left out the most intelligent human on earth Telpromter Obama. That is according to the Liberal media....The rest of the world knows otherwise.
Do you know what a retrded person is? Obviously you don't. They are the unfortunte people who have suffered some sort of brain damage and to use them as a point of reference goes to show your true uderstanding of anything except what you hear or read from your own bias liberal medai. Charles Krauthammer, Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams have more brains in their pinly than you have in your head, your ignorance speaks volumnes.
The only discourse a Liberal has is to insult they cannot debate on issues before the early 20th century to present date, their policies are nothing but failures yet they cannot even reconscile with that fact...Yet they have no problem bashing Conservative without any proof ecept what they they hear and read from their propagnada media.
The bottom line is the looney left can't stand Megyn because she's witty , intellignet and beautiful you look at the hags on ther networks what else can they say besides trying to destroy a conservative female, they are barking against the wrong tree. When you watch their station youi think its halloeween every day watching the house of horrors.
Ryan is a R.I.N.O a Boehner AK'er to booth.
Ryan sold us down the river and he will do it with the amnesty plan, the sad thing is the low information voters will vote the bum in again. . Their B.S. excuse is that come 2014 they will take over the Senate and keep the House, the way they are going they will be lucky to keep the House and lose the Senate and in 2016 lose the white house.
Ryan is nothing more than a blow hard he proved his ineptness agaginst the biggest stooge of the country Biden diring their only debate he came off like a moron couldn't keep with Biden.
Nuclearl option only pretains Obozo's judicial appointment where filibuster is out,it goes to show how ignornat liberals are. But come Nov 2014 its the Democraps who will be cake.
The drive by media his communist lap dogs have labeled him the smartest man in the world...What a crock, take away his telpromter and he stumbles to speak, he hasn't had an original thought in the last 5 years and you know when Obozo is lying because his ears get bigger like dumbos.
Third term really? he's lucky if he servives this second term, the GOP maintainst the House and most likely will win the Senate he's toast and impeachment maybe even prison might be in the works.
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