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There is no media they are just a propaganda machine for Obozo and his ilk. Anyone who tried to do honest reporting has been fired and all you have lobotomized pseudo reporters.
That's asking for the impossible...To get smart you must at least have a brain or something similar to.
Its the kettle calling the pot black, the Democrats should keep their mouths shut when it comes to racisim. Who has been supressing the blacks for the past 50 years? The Democrats with their failed policies by keeping them uneducated so that they can control their mind. Then you have the dubest woman on earth Pelosi who hasn't said an original thought since she learned how to speak. But I believe the tide is changing and they know it There's so much B.S. that you can throw around until the people start to realize it and they will make them selves heard loud and clear in 2014 and then 2016.
The Liberal progressives only reason to do away with the 2nd Amendment and take our guns away is so they can have total control of us without fear of an armed revolution, nice try Libs, but it won't work it never has nor will it ever. There are approximatly 100 million armed citizens (Our Militia) and they are at the ready, willing and able to defend against any tyrinical takeover.
Of course Bob you're not a hypocrit...Because as Sigmund Freud defined hypocracy by stating, "He who denies being a Hypocrit and later challenged and exposed leads to beleive that he's either an IMBICILE or a LIAR"...Whch one are you Bob?
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Why the Amnesty Lobby is Freaking Out

niki069a Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 3:21 AM
DEPORT THEM....Round them up put them in camps and deport them..THEY DON'T BELONG HERE as Obozo says period period period.
You don't have to read Leviticus to draw that conclusion, just their warped life style is enough to make you understand that they are degenerates. Too bad they are not in Russia or Arab states it would be fun to see if they come out of the sand dune (closet for them)
In 2008 Obama, Clinton and other candidates running for POTUS all felt the same that marriage is an institution between a man and a women. He was elected unfortunately for us, and today the CEO of Mozillia was forced to resign,. How come those degenerates didn't demand Obama to step down? after all he disagreed with their perverted life style? The only reason I could think of is that they see an ally in Obozo so he gets a free pass...Hypocrits..2014 will be an awakening call 2016 will be their demise.Other than that a Revolution is in order.
The only answer is that they are one of the major "Low Information Voters" that go to the voting polls each voing cycle. What a shame!
We are getting closer and closer to a 1776 revolution, yes in the long run we will survive bot most of the 535 in Congrss won't they will be charge with treason and executed by the new nitre State of America
Don't we have enough of our own people that are unemployed and the GOP is talking about 2014 when and if they control both houses to vote on amnesty. With 92 milliom American now unemployed why on earth are they talking about amnesty? and adding another +/- 10 million more unemployed people except for 10 mil new voters for the Democraps.What we need is to vote out at least 50 or more RINO's and replace them with true Conservatives and once we control both houses we should impeach the imposter in our White House..anything less is suicide.
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