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There is nothing wrong with SS excpt for the criminals taking out our money. SS s not an entitlement its our retirement pension just like all retirement pensions the reason why the funds are low is because those scum bags kept dippinmg into it at a cost 2.5 trillion dollars to spend on their pet projects. Now with elections coming up the scum bags are soliticing donations to support a bill to stop dipping into S.S a problem they caused and want us to help them fix it. When it comes to balls they have big ones.
The only thing those criminals occupying the Congress can do well is tax us to death and spend our hard earned money. Eveyone of them should be sent out to pasture witout a pension. Until we get rid of the garbage the smell will contine to linger.
You forgot illegal aliens and Gitmo detainees included with that bunch.
Its not only Shinseki, the fish is rotten from the head. How about all our phony politicians who have been giving illrgal aliens free health care while dening us veterans the care we need and don't forget Gitmo where i.5 detainee has a doctor where as 1 doctor for 35 vets, like tha Canadians say "ONLY IN AMERICA"
And also see that us VETS get the medical supplies that we need and are beig denied.
Now, Now how can you blame Obozo? you know its Bush's fault! He only found out about it (that he acknowledged the problem n 2008) on the links and boy is he MAD, MAD that just happened. He's the maddest President we have ever had! Mad about Benghazi, Mad about IRS scandal, Mad about Fast & Furious, Mad about NASA, Mad about AP scandal...Why he's even Mad about those Nigerian girls kidnapped and to show us how Mad he really is he was Mad when he found out that Mochabama spent over 500 million dollars on vacations. Boy was he Mad he has been Mad for the past 6 years and has done NOTHING EXCEPT SAYING HOW MAD HE IS....Go figure.
They are RACIST period.
There is no media they are just a propaganda machine for Obozo and his ilk. Anyone who tried to do honest reporting has been fired and all you have lobotomized pseudo reporters.
That's asking for the impossible...To get smart you must at least have a brain or something similar to.
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