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I have had to re-login three times, re-enter information over, and I still don't have insurance. I'm a software engineer and build interactive interfaces for online applications. Mr. Reid is clearly out of touch with the problem and is simply blowing hot air. Fess up and place the blame where it's due.
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Is the GOP Suicidal?

NickJohnson Wrote: Mar 24, 2014 4:21 PM
Want a true conservative who has his head screwed on straight? Take a look at Ben Carson. Have you heard that guy speak?
Not a lot of difference between Romney and Obama... As a matter of fact look at the debates and count how many times they say the agree with each other, than squabble of minor details. ...sigh
It's not just the candidate, but it is the principles. I believe voting on principle is more important than voting for the lesser of two evils because they might have a more popular vote. There are third parties. I will be at peace in four years knowing I voted on Constitutional principle when the nation reels at another four years of the same.
LOL! So you want a person who will: 1) Add more laws (legislation) to the countless millions of laws we have already? 2) Continue to spend trillions of dollars on countless wars policing the world under the guise of national defense? 3) Move a few pennies around in the budget in order to balance the budget in 10 - 20 years? 4) Says he will repeal obamacare at the convention then changes his position a couple days after being nominated? 5) Supports the liberty-infringing NDAA? If you can't see through that, then, yes Romney is what we deserve. "Every generation deserves to live free" -RP R3volution!
Romney is who we deserve. Ron Paul is who we need!
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In the Long Run, Is the GOP Dead?

NickJohnson Wrote: Jul 27, 2012 9:32 AM
Want to revive the dying GOP giant? Nominate Ron Paul and he will energize the party like no one else on the stage right now. This country needs drastic changes, and Ron Paul is the only with the brass to pull it off. With Romney or Obama we are headed down the road predicted by Chris Hedges. Horrifying!
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Ron Paul Explains Romney Endorsement

NickJohnson Wrote: Jun 13, 2012 8:24 AM
Fix the title!! It is Rand Paul not RON!
1) There are plenty of talking points about Ron Paul. It's too bad the media spends their time on who ate dog or mistreats their. I guess that is more interesting than the substantial points of Ron Paul's campaign. 2) Don't you think it's nice to see energy and excitement from people who love not only the man but more importantly his historically inspired ideas? A Romney supporter can't say their candidate is a defender of the Constitution. I was telling a fellow Ron Paul supporter this morning, "It is great to be moved by something in this country again. This must be a little what the founding fathers felt like on the eve of their revolution in the 18th century." So a cheer from Indiana.... Go Ron Paul!!
It's not over. It's only getting started. This year the establishment and MSM seem to have a bad habit of picking the winner, only to discover their pick is the loser. In some cases they have picked the loser twice. Let's wait until the votes are all in.
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