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Al Gore Versus '2016'

Nick705 Wrote: Sep 29, 2012 12:55 PM
I don't know about Al Gore Sr. being the devil. What is true is that he was one of the many Democrats who voted against the 1964 Civil Rights and 1965 Voting Rights Acts, both of which only passed into law because the majority of Republicans voting for them outnumbered the Dems like Gore Sr., Robert "KKK" Byrd and others. (And 96% of Black Americans will still pull the Dem lever in November with all the consideration for the economy, foreign affairs and the Dems' history of discrimination and racism, as a pensioner pulling the lever of a slot machine in Atlantic city.)

Two weeks ago, Dinesh D'Souza's documentary "2016: Obama's America" passed Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" for second place on the all-time box-office money list for political documentaries. It now has a box office gross of more than $32 million. But if you're an independent or a liberal who's unplugged from conservative websites and talk radio, you'd never know.
You didn't see D'Souza on CBS or NBC (although he showed up on ABC's "Nightline" in late night). There were no cover stories in Time or Newsweek. The film opened on just one screen in Houston when it premiered on July...