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I haven't heard anything as true as that in my life..
California is such a communist state anyway and we've certainly seen how badly that State has suffered due to their Communist legislature. Maybe it's best that California residents suffer the pain, and actually take whatever action they feel is necessary convince their government that they shouldn't screw or ignore the Constitution of The U.S.A. This would help limit the economic damage the rest of us suffer if nationwide action has be taken at a later date.
The Left in America and The Muslim 'hood' are both extremist. They have so much in common. Lying, cheating @the Polls, attacking people verbally, physically, and sometimes committing murder when they are confronted by those who are able to expose the truth about them. Like any Jack - Booted Thug, power is so important to them both, they routinely resort to fear mongering and violent tactics to overcome political resistance. Consequently, we, who are genuine and righteous, must learn to defy and oppose them accordingly. The future of the world depends on it.
I guess the time is coming when we need to start closing ranks.
If a Latino Gang Member shoots a Black Gang Member, is that a Hate Crime? Of Friggin' course it is. We'd better some Federal Prosecutions in LA.
I'm watching Al Sharpton and the rest of the "kill Zimmerman" Talkin' Heads and I can't believe how much they just lie. Evidence, or lack of, doesn't seem to count as neither does a Jury Verdict. It seems those who commit the most violent crime are dead set (pun intended" on innocent victims of their violence not being able to protect themselves when being raped or pummeled. I got news for them, Stand Your Ground or not, the Lord and juries allow victims to defend themselves when faced with life threatening attacks by criminals. Angela Cory, the State Prosecutor found herself in an impossible position it seems so I have no opinion on her actions.
I'm a bit torn about this subject. Yes, overall gay marriage disrespects the institution of family and traditional marriage, which is the plan of Socialists anyway and it represents total disregard for the teachings of the Bible. On the other hand, it's going to become more lawful and eventually all of society will have to accept it. Why I'm so torn is that these couples really do love each other so who am I to interfere in that? I'm a big Constitutionalist and fight for our right not to be interfered with by anyone, including the government who is attempting to take over our lives more and more everyday. There are bigger battles to fight, but at the end of the day, everyone, including our "Men of the Cloth", have to make their own decision. Maybe it's not a bad idea to meet with them and then decide. Either way, I don't believe it will make much of a difference politically, maybe just in our heart.
I know that some Republicans, mostly Rhinos want to pass Immigration Reform without instituting Border Security because they believe it will magically make all Latinos love The Right. They are wrong as wrong can be. If we leave the border unsecured, even without reform, we will pay for millions more of immigrants. We have nothing against those who come here to better their lives, but we insist that it is done as a coordinated plan, not just because Democrats want to increase their base. Republicans MUST not allow any reforms until security is fully addressed and we can see the results. We can adjust the "New Citizen" date to make up for any additional time adding real security takes to institute. Who really believes anyone is going to pay back taxes or a fine anyway? Institute our Secure Plan and they can be citizens in less than a decade. No securirty, no plan. The Dems are correct, it IS a NON STARTER, so drop it already. Let's move on.
Once again, inner city drug crime takes more young lives. Gangs cause 95% of all gun deaths and I never hear anyone talking about trying to address this, the main driver of gun violence in the US. This just proves that those in government who wasn't to disarm the White Middle Class are attempting to make sure they get no resistance when they institute their new plan of control. Now, as of yesterday,they decided to share all our Medical records with all State and Local authorities. This along with all your communications records, your buying habits, and facial recognition software will make sure you won't say anything when they completely destroy your liberty. They know the People are waking up to their corruption, to the 9 trillion now missing from the Federal Reserve and that sooner or later we will refuse to pay for their thievery without justice. It's so obvious they are tightening the noose and anyone who assist them and later cries "I didn't know", should be remembered. No one can be this stupid.
This is a non starter and for other reasons besides financial, this Bill needs to be quashed, or at least narrowed so that it doesn't contain Biometric IDs and Same Sex Partner provision.Congress needs to stop being lazy and not try and shove another bad, giant bill down our throats. This is unacceptable..
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