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Confirmed: Obamacare is an Unpopular, Shoddy Trainwreck

Nicholas35 Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 3:24 PM
LOL! I'll lay you odds that those who voted for Zero had not a clue that they were endorsing ObamaKare and if they did, they knew it wasn't going to cost them anything. Zero's going to get the money from the rich people, don't you know? Sure. Like that's gonna' happen.

Let's begin with the unpopularity, then move on to the substantive issues.  Sooner or later, the latter will impact the former.  A new poll reveals that the same people who re-elected this president by a three-point margin still oppose his signature "accomplishment" by double-digits.  Independents remain particularly sour on the law, the worst bits of which are slated for implementation over the next two years.  In Jeffrey Anderson's write-up of CNN's poll, he explains why voters didn't unequivocally embrace Obamaism on November 6th (via Mary...