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She worked for Bubba, Teddy and Lurch, Mac. That should tell you enough. Would it be unusual that a bunch of liars would choose a liar to be their communications person?
Damn! I flagged you Ivan! I'm sorry! I just wanted to reply and hit the wrong button! Cute? What, in a hyena-ish kinda' way?
Too bad we can't give TUs here, Agent! You'd get a bunch from me!
Stop reading Mother Jones and get your head out of your butt!
You really are an idiot if you think a dirty bomb in Chicago is not a viable scenario. In fact, one pound of highly radioactive material, not even weapons grade, released in to the wind (over the Windy City) would wreak havoc all over the downtown core! Worse even, than the Towers falling! Do you really think it would be a big deal to get one pound of material into the US? And this would be a great idea for the Iranians or any other muzzie terrorist faction they would sell powder to. No mushroom cloud. No missile track. Not even identifiers in the material itself to track back to Iranian production. You think Venezuela might help by loading it on a drug sub? I do. But just walking it across the border will work too.
Original source, Mother Jones? You mean the people that doctored the tape right in the middle of that particular part of the speech so we don't know what followed? That Mother Jones and David Cornhole?
A lot of truth to that last statement, Bill. Hence, the Tea Party.
While that is, most assuredly, true, it wasn't the point Joe was making.
That is true, Joe. They are fond of using and quite comfortable with that phrase, aren't they?
Continued--- Atheists would have gone for the clean sweep and removed all reference to faith too. No, this was all for the muslim vote. You can take that to the bank!
Sorry, I gotta' disagree, Star. Not with the premise but, with the purpose at this particular point in time. You are looking at the removal of "God" from the plank as a singularity. It is not. It is completely tied to the removal of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel and the Hamas not being mentioned as well. Who would be most inclined to want to dispose of all three? The muslims of course. This was no more than a play to placate that group (and it may include Zero himself!). Sure, liberals want to get God off their platform but, this wasn't a push by the atheists. They could have lived with God given rights for a bit longer. As you will note, there were still mentions of "faith" in the platform. (cont. I seem to have run out of word count!
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