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I don't think the last will happen, Ress. America is not like "many countries".
What's the difference? There is nothing the GOP can do or not do that will not be described as "spoiling". I say, let the Congress vote for impeachment. There are enough grounds for it.
What makes you think illegals won't be covered now, Don't? Trust me, there will be no waiting until they become legitimate citizens or residents.
It was never about reducing the cost of anything, None. Where would anyone get the idea that letting government run anything would reduce the cost?
I wonder....
Except, I don't recall folks on Youtube or the news talking about Obamaphones, getting their mortgage paid or having their tanks filled when any other president was elected. Sure, there has been poverty and unemployment before but, Zero just has more of it due to his policies. My only hope is you are a Zero voter with a well paying job. You are living in interesting times.
LOL! I'll lay you odds that those who voted for Zero had not a clue that they were endorsing ObamaKare and if they did, they knew it wasn't going to cost them anything. Zero's going to get the money from the rich people, don't you know? Sure. Like that's gonna' happen.
You are correct, JM. What needs explaining? Except for that first test, it's "free" health care! Enjoy it! Well, for as long as it lasts.
Ah, yes, the great new idea to fix the last great new idea. It's not the the Dims have a lock on GNIs but, theirs always seem to cost us more!
I'm guessing this is what would have happened to ambassador Stevens too. If he had made it out alive.
She worked for Bubba, Teddy and Lurch, Mac. That should tell you enough. Would it be unusual that a bunch of liars would choose a liar to be their communications person?
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