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It was Benghazi! A hotbed of jihadists! They were warned! It was the anniversary of 9/11! Skeeter spiked the "UBL is dead" ball so often at the convention the week before, there was a hole in the stage! Get a clue, would ya'?
Cutter? The smirking face of the Skeeter campaign was in on meetings with the IRS guy? Subpoena her. Put her under oath. There is no way I will believe she didn't push the idea that the TEA Party or like groups shouldn't be stalled and harassed. It's exactly what she would suggest!
More and more I thank God McLame wasn't elected to be president.
Oh well, it would have only been a matter of time before CAIR complained about it or a muslim blew himself up in front of it. Some might say that's a good thing 'cause no one will get hurt. And I say, welcome to dhimmihood, whether it be imposed by atheists or muslims.
So, as what you have to say is mostly true. Skeeter proposed the sequester, the GOP compromised (you know, like Skeeter say's they never do!) and agreed and now it's the GOPs fault for not compromising again? Huh!
I don't think the last will happen, Ress. America is not like "many countries".
What's the difference? There is nothing the GOP can do or not do that will not be described as "spoiling". I say, let the Congress vote for impeachment. There are enough grounds for it.
What makes you think illegals won't be covered now, Don't? Trust me, there will be no waiting until they become legitimate citizens or residents.
It was never about reducing the cost of anything, None. Where would anyone get the idea that letting government run anything would reduce the cost?
I wonder....
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