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Alright everyone, I've gotta go for a while. Be nice to each other. I'll try to respond to everyone's posts later tonight or tomorrow.
Well you obviously didn't either listen to Obama's speech or read the transcript. You got your information from a conservative hack. I'm not sure which one, but Rush is a good guess and indicative of the rest.
Sgt. Strawman, the proposals you have a problem with were proposed earlier by the previous administration. I assume you raised holy hell at that time too. Did you have a nickname for Bush as clever as "ovomit?"
She was talking about Romney, Buck
No he's not, and no they don't.
You apparently didn't listen to Rush or any of the rest. It's pretty clear what he was saying, but you choose to accept the fiction.
Because I won't have a corresponding ability to tell you to get the hell off my road if I pay more than you for it :)
Sorry, I posted before your follow ups were refreshed to my screen. I'll check these out.
He did. Read the transcript.
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