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The HMO in Your Future

NHSenior Wrote: Jun 23, 2012 8:13 AM
My PCP has joined with several other practices and a Hospital to form an ACO. While you are correct that Medicare isn't talking about this; my practitioner/office was. I will quote from letter I received: ...on July 1, 2012 Medicare plans to start sharing certain health information with us about your care......" My immediate reaction was how would they have my detailed health information that only my Doctor has now. I opted out (declined) to have my infomation "shared". According to the nurse in the office, many of her patients also objected to this information sharing. Don't know how this will turn out.
Are you in an HMO? If you are a senior on Medicare the answer is probably "yes." And if you’re not in one now you soon will be.

So why don’t you know about this? It’s all part of health reform (ObamaCare). For the past few months the federal government has been quietly and secretly enrolling millions of elderly and disabled people into a new type of health maintenance organization without their knowledge or consent.

By "quietly" I mean that the government isn’t telling you about it and it has no plans to tell you about it. By secretly, I mean...