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Bomb them, bomb the "H" out of them. And let the chips fall where they may. These people have no decency and no humanity. And those who say that the "majority" of muslims don't support them (Rand Paul?) Where are they?????????????????????
Why is this man still employed?
The teacher should be fired, period. Any person of even low to middling intelligence knows better than that.
Then they will still be wards of the state and WE will be paying for those kids to be fostered.
After reading that 48% of all births in the U.S. are now paid for by Medicaid, I think that birth control for EVERYONE on the government dole should be required. THe real solution, of course, is to not reward these folks with increased welfare payments for every child they pop out.
MOstly thanks to it's liberal supply of college students - the home of UVM.
So women prefer to be identified as mere sex objects in need of protection from their sexual proclivities - i.e.abortion on demand and free birth control rather than as intelligent human beings? God Help this United States?
And there was a memorial service for J. Foley in Rochester, NH yesterday and Nobody from the government showed up......................
PLease, PLease, let it be Washington, DC. The citizens of this country need a break.
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Navy Removes Bibles From Guest Rooms

NHSenior Wrote: Aug 12, 2014 7:50 PM
When are Christians, who make up 90% or so of the population stand up and tell our Government and those uber minority athiest's where to go...........................it won't stop until Christians stand up and be counted......................
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