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While the rule does stink, I am reminded of the consequences of Southern politicians and leaders espousing "states' rights" during the Jim Crow years while their low-life followers were lynching and terrorizing people. Leader's words do matter; President Obama, Holder, Sharpton, et al. preach to the higher cause of "racism"; but they are in fact giving cover to and inciting their own low-life followers to attack police. Their purpose is as transparent as the old time Southern politicians: To strengthen their political standing among their base.
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Oprah, Obama and the Racism Dodge

NHead Wrote: Nov 20, 2013 3:19 PM
There is a practical political reason for Oprah's remarks. Chris Matthews and other whites have been proving to themselves and others that they are not racist by cheerleading for Pres. Obama. Oprah and other Black leaders, by re-stating that people are criticizing the President simply because he is black, are warning the Matthews of the world to steer clear of joining in on the honest evaluation of the President’s obvious and gross incompetence and malfeasance. It’s just a political play to hold their coalition together. If they lose the Matthews in the media, they are truly sunk.
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