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Warren: Yeah, “We Ended Up With a Little Bit of Debt”

timur001 Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 9:00 PM
I just threw up in my mouth. Are you really that big of a drunk sycophant to the POTUS? Compassion? (unless you happen to be a conservative women like Palin, or a Cambridge police officer, or a Midwesterner a la "guns and religion", or a small business person).

As the Boston Globe points out, it’s not uncommon for candidates running for high federal office to finish their campaigns in the red. But come on:

Elizabeth Warren – who knows a thing or two about debt and bankruptcy – disclosed today that she has a surprising debt of her own to pay down.

Even after raising a whopping $42 million for her Senate race this year - more than any other congressional candidate in the country – the senator-elect from Massachusetts told her supporters that her campaign does not have enough cash to pay its bills.

In an...