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??? Well, TH is reporting this because it's pretty big news. You are entitled to think it a political show, and I do wonder what action can and will be taken. But I am certain that this is big news. I suspect some people echoed your words back when the British imposed a tea tax. "What can we do?" Back then they figured out a pretty good response.
And remember, this the left pushes while calling the IRS targeting of conservatives a 'phony' scandal.
And liberals are STILL reveling in the Iraq war, eager to exploit it for political gain. And liberals are out there RIGHT NOW, eager to exploit for political gain the Santa Barbara shooting (just like they did with Sandy Hook and myriad others). And as is now known that liberals spun the video story about Benghazi because they were eager to exploit for political gain the notion that Al-Qaeda was on the run (which it obviously isn't). You libs are sick liars.
Ranks right up there with Dewey Wins.
Can everyone say "death panels"?
Hmmm ... In Iran-Contra the House select committee had 9 Democrats to 6 Republicans. SO was that a kangaroo court as well?
Dying to Interview’ Hillary Clinton ... Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, Vince Foster and perhaps many more.
Just an observation: why is Lois Lerner always either looking down her nose or picking something out of her eye?
AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! The stupid! It hurts!!!
So people born before Christ lacked integrity and honesty? Guess that pretty much calls into question the whole Old Testament then, since it was written by dishonest people.
As an arrogant moron, you are clearly number one.
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