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This looks like a job for hashtag diplomacy. Quick, get Ms. Obama to stand with another sign saying #GiveBackOurGirls.
If nothing else, by the time the election does get here, potential voters are as likely to be tired and worn out by her, especially if she keeps making such spectacular gaffes.
Baruch College, part of CUNY ... not a big shock coming from that cesspool.
Sure the rest worked. It reset things all the way back to the Cold War.
How typical that she almost gives the pro-Palestinian speaker hugs and kisses with her soft line of questions. What a sick network.
Because nothing calms people down better than inaction and indecision during multiple world crises.
Wow. How hard did they have to look to find someone even more intellectually and morally bankrupt than Jay Carney?
Funny, she doesn't feel the same way about entitlements and the Democrat party.
And the only reason it's not higher than 49% is because of the misinformation gleefully spread by the main stream media.
??? Well, TH is reporting this because it's pretty big news. You are entitled to think it a political show, and I do wonder what action can and will be taken. But I am certain that this is big news. I suspect some people echoed your words back when the British imposed a tea tax. "What can we do?" Back then they figured out a pretty good response.
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