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Operation Screw

nfaber Wrote: Sep 16, 2012 12:58 AM
No they don't care do they? With all of us trying to save, pay our bills and put back for our later years, these guys are going to water down the dollar again. This will have a huge jump in gas, food, basic needs stuff and so on because of the cost of transportation. Again, we will see more people sent to the unemployment line. I don't get how you can "create more jobs" by inflating the prices of basic goods and so on. The obama health care, regulations, institutions taken over by the government and all the new taxes are causing this stall in the economy. We will pay dearly for this down the road because of idiots in the administration. Romney is right, Ben should be fired and sent packing.
Arc-em Wrote: Sep 16, 2012 8:09 AM
The Fed policy has the opposite effect on employment. How can you hire more employees when your business has to spend more money on goods and energy? I really believe these people are purposely trying to ruin this country.
With yesterday's Fed decision and press conference, Chairman Ben Bernanke finally and decisively laid his cards on the table. And confirming what I have been saying for many years, all he was holding was more of the same snake oil and bluster. Going further than he has ever gone before, he made it clear that he will be permanently binding the American economy to a losing strategy. As a result, September 13, 2012 may one day be regarded as the day America finally threw in the economic towel.
Here is the outline of the Fed's plan: buy hundreds of billions of home mortgages annually in order...