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Obama Blackmails the Middle Class

nfaber Wrote: Jul 15, 2012 9:29 PM
Agree. The lawless are running the Country and anyone who has common sense and able to comprehend what is actually happening to our Culture, our Traditions, our Laws, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our Freedoms of Religion, Speech and on and on needs to be really afraid. We all need to vote out those who are wanting to take away the very things that made this Country great and why even the illegals come here in groves. Why people are so blind, deaf, don't comprehend the long-term affects of policies and regulations of the administration and the impact of "taxes and mandates that restrict ones freedoms and rights, I don't get it? What is wrong with people in this country? My family was dirt poor, don't want to live that way again

Obama recently gave yet another televised pep rally, complete with a laughing, cheering progressive audience. The purpose this time was all about taxing his most hated class o' people, the Evil Rich (of which he finally admitted he is a part of).

He used words like "holding hostage" and offered veiled threats to the middle to lower-classed, warning us that if his offer of taxing the rich doesn't happen, the middle class (cue threatening music) WILL PAY.

As one of those middle to lower-classed people, I am personally insulted and more than a little angry.

Apparently Barack thinks we are...

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