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Democrats Just Voted Against Small Business

nfaber Wrote: Jul 27, 2012 3:28 AM
As my profession said over ten years ago, government doesn't solve problems, they make policies to pacify the American People. He is so right. The problems of the past are issues of today and giving the government more control or money and power puts more barriers in front of a risk taker, small business person and decreases the workforce. Communism and Marxism never worked in the past nor is it working today. This Country was built from the ground up, formed the governments and now politicians in the position of power are attempting to take over. We need to go back to roots of where our country started, power back to the people who will rebuild our economy and smaller government by reducing their fraud, abuse, waste...of our tax dollars.

One step forward two steps back goes the economy. We need jobs desperately to supply the housing market with buyers. The 75,000 net monthly jobs in the second quarter is pathetic and comes up short of even meeting population growth.

However there was good news on July 25th when Democrats heard the call; we must do something to help the private sector create jobs.

So every single Democratic senator, excluding the retiring Lieberman, and Webb, voted to raise taxes on small businesses, all but guaranteeing to slow the economy further. It passed Harry Reid’s senate 51-48.

Please don’t...

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