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Diary of Some Wimpy Kids

nfaber Wrote: Sep 21, 2013 3:39 PM
Yep. It will happen when obamacare kicks in and people start to wake up to the fact they were lied to, ripped off, can't access health care for themselves or people they love and people are dye or their quality of health is in decline because of it. This law has no protection for anyone except those who got wavers like the congress and their staff. What needs to happen is this must go back to the Supreme Court because obama has changed the law so much that isn't the same one they passed and said was Constitutional. If it went back, I suspect the justices might actually reverse or revise (like Roberts did) all the exceptions to the law and that is the only way this will be defunded is if they reinforce the fact that ONLY CONGRESS can change a law once it has been passed, not the president with his pen and executive orders. I hope and pray this this law goes away and real change, positive change, begins anew and this president it kicked out so he cannot continue to destroy our National Defense, economy, the family, put us in harms way in every way possible like now.
This is why the poeple are ticked off. The corrupt politicians and employees get away with everything. bonus, promotions, special perks and the rest of Americans get fired, fined, blackballed from many jobs, lose their homes, bankrupt....
Sure he is. It is HIS policies, regulations, dictatorship when he wants congress to do something and they don't so he does executive orders, demands certain agencies do it for him if he can't. Obamacare is a sick joke, it is an attempt to control our health care and string along the people so they become dependent on government and not independent. To kill the insurance companies and water down the health care system for the middle-poor and the elites that get "high quality and paid by for the taxpayers who don;t get the same kind of care" is NOT OK!!!!!!!!!!!! This bill has nothing at all to do with quality health care for all AMERICANS or keeping cost down. There are so many ways to deliver an awesome health care system, buy across state lines, health savings accounts, tort reform, reform many of the parts of the health care system that need fixed and leave the rest alone. We don't want to die, lose our quality of life and be told that some board who doesn't know us have decided that we don't deserve or can't have certain treatments or care because we are too old, sick.... I am also do not want the government snooping in MY Health care records and that means not the IRS, NSA, DOJ, HHS.... That is an invasion of MY PRIVACY guaranteed to me by the Constitution and Bill of Rights .... and so on. obama doesn't seem to think he has to follow the laws, uphold his sworn duty to protect and defend our Constitution, the rights of the people and retain our freedoms that have been fought for so hard and with so many lives.
Yes, I agree. This is the intent of the obama agenda is to strip the American People of all their rights, freedoms, personal info and dictate like the Communist did. No more US and the uniqueness of our Nation is to disappear if he gets his way. If they cannot defund it, then we deserve the same treatment as the Congress and the employers and the unions got, at least a year extension and maybe we can get the mandate gone if the GOP and others get this message out about what it is going to do to our economy, our pocket books... with a message on what they are going to do to replace this monster corrupt law.
I agree with a lot of what he said. Too bad he doesn't make the Vet's go to a computer system and cut the duplication in the governmental agencies and programs that would help pay for computers, staff and computer programs to set up a new, more efficient system where there will be little backlog if they do it right. Maybe 3-months instead of years that will help save lives and lots of $'s and save the Vets instead of them feeling like suicide was the only way out, addiction or whatever. It is a crime how they treat the Vets and OBAMA is responsible for the whole damn mess now because he won't step up and do the right things. It is his policies and regulations that are messing up our Country and having a serious affect on the treatment of our Vets. He is implementing policies to take away their rights of religion, speech, cut their medical benefits and upped their cost for insurance, cut back their wages, allow many of them to loose their homes because of all the dancing he is doing around this "it isn't me and I am going to make things better for you", BS. I can't believe he thinks all of us are so stupid, however, I have watched many of the young and some older adults who really are pretty "dumb". Agree others taking other people's rights of speech or religion or whatever not realizing they will lose theirs too. Not know who Reid, Pelosi, Biden ... their own representative or the truth about obamacare... other regulations... scandals with the IRS, NSA, DOJ, EPA... all very uneducated. However they know Palin and can tell you about the dance programs and who is ahead.... Half of our American citizens have no clue who or what they are voting for or who. They just see dem or obama as the first black American... really sad that they don't know how to vote, but these vets do and they are honorable, decent folks who don't deserve to be treated like obama and his administration are doing: it is him, obama that is the root cause of their woes and struggles when they come back home.
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Government is Dangerous. Handle With Care.

nfaber Wrote: Aug 11, 2013 1:59 PM
Yes they should and could if the Congress had any spine, was doing what was in the best interest of the people and this Nation. They won't because too many are involved in illegal stuff and trying to preserve the authority, positions, bank accounts, perks and so on.
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Obama: Republicans Hate You

nfaber Wrote: Aug 11, 2013 12:05 PM
HIS POLICIES and REGULATIONS are creating serious problems around the Nation and causing the economy, the people's wages and incomes to drop significantly and widening the gap between the elite and the poor/middle class. Yes, rates for insurance are high and going higher. Obamacare does nothing to contain costs, just cut millions of people out of the "accessibility to quality health care, dropped insurance plans by their employers so they lose access to their own doctors, clinics, hospitals...." If you have to choose between rent and healthcare, food/utilities ... or health care, health care doesn't win at all. I don't know what happened to common sense and reasoning, but it doesn't exist in government or the obama administration or obama himself. Only through competition in the public sector costs are decreased, produces more choices and weeds out those whose quality of care or cost from the market place: government increases inefficiency, cost, waste, fraud, no over site, lack of competition or choices which comes with the private sector. This obamacare has nothing to do with health care services or cost containment: it is control, dictatorship, shifts the power to the government and takes it from the people their access and choices, provides a huge system that is riddled with abuse and fraud with no over site.... The board obama is going to select is one where they come from the academic world, not the one of actual "hands-on" or currently practicing. Sadly, Roberts rewrote the bill so that it now stands as Constitutional, but it should never have passed. As a tax, it never would have passed and only did because like one justice said, "if this passes, it will change the relationship between the We the People to We the Government. The government can now force us to do whatever they want if we don't comply by calling it a tax instead of a penalty which is what this obamacare really is. The best health care system will only be accessible to the "ruling elite and powerful" while denying it to the rest of the small businesses and the individuals. What a surprise that Reid said "we are now closer to a single payer system" which is the intent all along. This will destroy competition, millions more unemployed with the insurance companies gutted just like millions of small business owners because of the taxes, paperwork, new regulations and policies by this administration. The American People need to rise up and stop this nonsense.
Agree. There are laws on the books, but I guess these guys think it doesn't apply to them or the people they are suppose to be working with. One of the things that makes this possible, the pay and benefits are really bad so when they hire, they do not hire the most qualified and skilled workers in the first place. However, this is not an excuse for criminal behavior, but a reason why it is happening. Many of them are untrained and uneducated in how to work with these individuals plus the administration for places like this have a lot of "expectations" that are not reasonable for each of their employees. Just like residential, nursing homes and the like, the administration needs to work the job themselves or spend a few days working in all of the facilities, rules, policies, training... would all change. All these agencies dealing with the elderly, disabled, mentally ill... are a thriving environment for abuse, neglect, thefts, sexual abuse....
From what I understand, they are holding off for a special prosecutor because of Holder (he is who the special prosecutor will be reporting to) and he is in this stuff up to his eyeballs. I want a special prosecutor too and wish he or she could be totally independent, not reporting to the president and DOJ. I think there should be an amendment to this law about special prosecutors where if the WH is involved, they have a neutral person to report to. This entire WH has its hands dirty and we need to clean house and remove ALL of those who support obama, his policies, regulations for businesses, banking...obamacare, changes he made to military policies that included religion as radicals and removing some groups from the terrorist lists, close down a lot of the duplication of programs and send them back to the states like jobs, food stamps, daycare, housing... and eliminate the old, policies and regulations that are barriers to employment or assistance or choosing to obtain an education (trade schools, gaining new skills to compete in the workforce, create a business) that will allow a safety net for the individual and/or families to get a step out and off of assistance for good. First, the obama and other regulations and polices from previous administrations or agencies need to be addressed too. There are so many things we need done, but the foxes guarding the hen house is one of them. Obama, Holder, Reid, Peloi, Murray...Many of the Black Caucus Members...kick out of the corrupt lobbyist who are stealing our money and living the lavish life that none of us will ever have.... Change needs to happen to take our Nation back.
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Priebus Takes on Media Bias

nfaber Wrote: Aug 07, 2013 2:20 AM
Yes he is. They need to stop having these commentators from the left or what ever throwing questions out to the GOP nominees. Trying to do the advertisement for a presidential race in this manner reminds me of the movie they were doing for obama just before his reelection, this is dirty and misinformation to distract from her real actions with the deaths of our heroes or denying the protection our people in foreign countries need, or dismissing the deaths as "what difference does it make" should never be ignored. I hate the dirty politics whoever it is. She should never be president and has not earned the right to represent the US. Neither is the guy who is there now. There questions are horrible and most are so out there that they don't deal with the real issues or solutions we need to hear. Dems and media have played the right, using words or phrases out of context and it has been effective. If any of the media, who is in the tank for him, asked the president or hillary hard questions, it would be amazing. It is so obvious from the questions they ask which side of the political party they are on. It is all about them and not about the American People or Our Country. I don't want another president that is lawlessness and loves his audiences more than this Country, hillary is the same way I think. It is time the rep's step up and stop "stepping in the traps" the dems use to win elections. He did say he thought they would go ahead and show the movies of hillary, but we cannot let the American People ever forget our heroes, Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA, EPA,,, obamacare on its way to destroy our healthcare and stealing our food off the tables which she, hillary, was a huge part of.
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