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Sex-Selective Abortion Now Illegal in UK

Nexalist Wrote: May 23, 2014 1:59 PM
The US needs a first trimester fetal test for homosexuality.
The homosexual website, The Daily Beast, has declared "game, set, and match" for Obamacare. It is at the center of the progressive propaganda machine.
State recognition of marriage has nothing to do with religion or homosexuality. Unless you think there exists an inorganic vegetable.
Republicans are just as sleazy as Democrats. Their policies are less sleazy. But the government/corporate complex needs to be dismantled.
"Judgment" Day. Spelling, anyone?
Insurance companies should not be involved with health delivery for normal day to day care, for elective care, and for preventive care. End users have to pay more first dollars out of pocket.
Republican get out the vote efforts have to improve. Entitlement Democrats are desperate to protect their benefits. Not the least are gays, who comprise 75% of all new cases! and whose antiviral medication costs $2,000-$6,000 per month. Moreover, just for the 42% of those on Medicaid the tab is $2 billion per month.
When do you think gay men will wake up and realize they are just white men to feminists. Once the wild eyed crew takes over, gay men will discover feminists have very little use for gay lifestyles.
Sounds like he's not a Democrat.
This is utter bs.
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