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This site can use a little levity now and then. Thanks for the funny post!
"A" includes some "B's" and "B's" include some "C's" so all "A's" = "C's". I guess. He had apparently a very good Catholic High and College Education.
She's a winner. Thank God someone is speaking up for the adults. Interesting that she's so young and passionate.
There's some truth in what you say. It's sad and would be nice to believe he is really incompetent instead of a man on a very focused and powerful mission that he is very good at executing.
This is pretty harsh and thanks for saying it. There are elements of truth here that beg to be taken into the open. I guess good luck getting it outside a Townhall type forum. In life we say and act and even pretend to believe certain things. Yet, our perceptions, reality, the world about us, can speak a different tune - the tune I have observed is that there is rarely under any circumstance (and I doubt there would be w/ all of the left and the Gay lobby's demands met) peace and serenity at the heart of the gay lifestyle. And that will continue to evidentially be due to the behavior and beliefs of the rest of us and not inherent in the lifestyle itself.
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