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Another problem is that lawyers seek the most gullible and impressionable people to put on juries -- and then the court system excludes evidence that would be too prejudicial because jurors can't be trusted to evaluate it properly. If we didn't let evidence be excluded on those grounds, but fully informed juries, lawyers would face a greater risk choosing sheep for the juries instead of independent thinkers.
Here's a change you could even sell to Democratic voters: cap the total of deductions for home mortgage and state-and-local taxes to the median income. If you are deducting more than $51,000, nobody earning that much will have sympathy for you--but you're probably a Democratic doner living in a big city with a huge mortgage and high state and local taxes.
I was almost killed by a driver who drove according to Mexican rules, not American. I signalled for a left turn and slowed to almost a stop to make it. As I was almost ninety-degrees across the oncoming lanes, the driver behind me swung out to pass and would have T-boned me at 40+ MPH had there not been another lane and a shoulder. You see, in Mexico the left blinker means "please pass me" and you make a left turn by stopping on the right shoulder first! The only way you'll get someone to take a driving course is to offer him a license. It will be without proof-of-citizenship, but the alternative is worse. There's a reason that fire departments overlook all but the most serious crimes when they respond: the consequences of people fearing to call for help are worse than the consequences of overlooking the crime. For the record, I am emphatically not in favor of sanctuary cities. But I don't want the next fellow T-boned at 50MPH because someone saw no value in taking driver training or taking the exam.
The Liberals want to be regarded as Robin Hood when they are in fact the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Words to live by, Mr. Greenberg, words to live by. It would be an honor to know you personally. Our disagreements would be more than matched by agreement on such wisdom as this.
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