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The Democrats Want You to Die

NewJAl Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 4:13 PM
Kruschev invested his life in what Obama, Van Jones, Valery Jarrett, Bill Ayres and many many more believe. Then he visited a Texas Supermarket, and saw what Capitalism and free enterprise provided, in contrast to his country. He saw, at last, why his system does not work. But the above dream on, driven, I believe, by hate. And all the money they use to attack Capitalism come from that system.

I'm beginning to detect a theme running throughout the Democrat Party's proposals.

Actually, the theme is about as subtle as a icepick in Sicily, so I'm quite surprised that I haven't noticed it before.

OK, I HAVE noticed it before, I just haven't noticed it EVERYWHERE two or more liberal proposals are gathered in Pelosi's name.

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