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Liberals Find out Women Aren’t Amused

NewJAl Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 10:51 PM
This is an essential problem with Socialism and Marxism, when they actually hit the road. They are quickly and easily corrupted, and it becomes more and more who you know and schmooze up to . A great deal of talk about crony capitalism, but cronyism is a central feature of Socialism and Maxism outside of the theortical. In all cases, the decision is made as to who are the winners and the losers, rather than the free market exchange that should be the goal. No progressive, socialist, marxist will admit how History does turn out. 'Those that would bring Heaven to Earth, invariably produce Hell' But who cares about the Historical record.

Soon will come the finger-pointing.

Liberals will gnash their teeth, pull their hair and recriminate.

Yes; true, this is normal behavior on the part of liberals. But this time the behavior will be uproarious and hilarious.

Because this time, the folks who brought us Occupy Wall Street won’t be in a drum circle, but in a circular firing squad facing their comrades, their righteous fingers loaded and looking for blame.

“Oh, Chicago!” they’ll say. “Bang, bang.”  

Sure, there will be the typical liberal shots at the “racists” on the right who denied Obama a second term.


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