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Exploding the Roof

NewJAl Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 11:04 AM
With all due respect, the man who started Obama on his political career, Bill Ayres, wanted to break the bank for the USA way back when he was part of the 'Weathermen', and planted bombs. He helped in his living room, even though Obama said he was 'just some guy in the neighborhood'. The media either ignored that fact, or gave them both a pass, or wanted what Obama, his Pastor, and all his associates have worked for. Liars for their cause, which sounds wonderful, but we can see it does not work. We have the History, they have the dreams. That does not mean they will abandon their Religion. Check for yourself, instead of taking other peoples' word.

Right now the Democratic talking points are that we should raise or repeal the debt ceiling to “pay our bills.” Liberals have some pretty illogical ideas—like shutting down the government to give Planned Parenthood a few hundred million dollars, or raising everyone’s taxes in order to tax the top 2%--but this one might be the hardest to grasp of all.

During Obama's most recent press conference he once again threw down the gauntlet to Republicans, refusing to discuss spending cuts during the debt ceiling debate. He also stated that it would be Republicans’ fault for any negative economic consequences from the...