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Executive Privilege: The 2012 Election and the Power of Incumbency

NewJAl Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 7:33 PM
Adding together all fraud, on the part of Obama supporters, Romney may well have won, with an honest election. The evidence will continue to collect, but there is no central collection place, and one should be established and anecdotal statements collated. Have no idea how to do this, or check to see if the anecdotal testimony is honest. The statistics are impossible, with more voters than those registered, military votes not getting counted, machines misfiring, and things like 95 precincts with 100 percent of them all being for Obama. That is not believable. And what happened to Allen West stretches the imagination, also.
geotay Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 9:55 PM
You only say it 'cause it's true.And you only touched on a small part of it. I can't even believe what happened in California, let alone Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, etc.
Mitt Romney lost the presidential race by only two percentage points. If the election had been held just a week earlier, when he was up in the polls, things might have been different. Nonetheless, Mitt Romney lost, and now a bitter debate has ensued over the future of the Republican Party, with liberal Democrats happily plunging into the debate.

What is being lost in this debate, however, is just how hard it is to defeat an incumbent president—any incumbent president. Here’s a history lesson from the last 100 years:

There have been 19 incumbent...