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Conflicting Shades of Brown - Minority Clash

NewJAl Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 2:41 PM
E Pluribus Unum is a noble goal, in keeping with the best aspirations of all groups and MLK as well. Obama and Progressives seem bent on the absolute opposite, but with a shrinking economic pie, especially among the poorest, conflict will increase, not lessen. These groups, as they fight and hate, cannot even hear Conservative, Libertarian and Republican voices that say 'its the economy, stupid'. A bigger pie is needed. We are repeating the History of ancient Greek Democracy, where groups fought over a shrinking economic pie and the whole thing collapsed. Divide us, as Americans, and inspire envy, and we play the Devil's part.

I love taking my wife to dinners, parties, anniversaries, and formal outings of all kinds. I have found that a monochromic look - all gray, all blue or all brown can be stunning. High contrast color combinations work best: for example, a medium brown pair of trousers and a chocolate jacket teamed with a cream colored shirt. The monochromic look has just one problem: if you wear items that are very close in shade but not quite the same, you look mismatched or somehow poorly dressed.

In some parts of the nation, the media is trying to paint minority problems as...