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Al Gore Warming

NewJAl Wrote: Jan 19, 2013 11:29 AM
This, I am convinced, is the real reason Obama cares about green and makes cozy with young women, gays, and any other minority. They will be used to get the 'dreams of his father' activated, here. They will be tossed under the bus, if the sort he hangs with actually get in charge. Don't believe me, check his friends, associates, mentors, Czar appointees and record, if you can find it. Want to know a person, check their friends. Certain things about people are, actually, immutable, despite the tenets of the Progressive Religion.

In October one of the main culprits in the global warming hoax published new data that undermines their own theory of global warming. The UK’s MET Office, more formally called the UK's National Weather Service, updated global temperatures for 2012 and the new dataset shows that an “unlikely” event has occurred, according to their own models: Global warming has been halted for 15 years and counting.

While the MET Office accused critics of cherry-picking a starting point and nitpicked about language-for example the Daily Mail reported that the “Met Office report [was] quietly released,” while the Met office whined they just...