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Pastor to Taunt IRS Over Free Speech

Nevirim Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 9:09 AM
In answer to your last question, Yes, and atheist can be elected. Notwithstanding many of those who you point out in National State and Local Offices, "Say they are Christians" How is this "Measured?" By what Standard is their "Christianity measured against. As an example, remember "Slick Willy" Brother Bill Clinton, adulterer etc. His claim to those of the "Church" when he was elected was He was a "Born Again Christian" well, his behavior did not "prove this out!" His Actions did not prove this out, so what were the words he used to convince the "Christian constabulary" to vote for him? Yet like another character in a garden his words were less that "truthful!" And other person of history and recent disgrace. Jimmy the Peanut Farmer
Nevirim Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 9:16 AM
Carter, A Born again Christian that has done more to support the enemies of Israel then nearly any President in the past, not mentioning our current disgraceful occupant. Jimmy should ware a Palestinian Head covering and bow to Mecca, for all the support he's given to the enemies of Israel. Of course if he'd take the time to "Read the Bible" he'd find out that God is for Israel, Israel will not be defeated, and all the Nations who have come against her will face judgment from God. So using the "Term Christian" as a political magic wand does not measure up as "proof" that those in government office are indeed "Christians!" That will be judged by God when they, and everyone else give an accounting before the Judge of all Creation.

How did we get to where we are in our culture and our politics today?  I have wondered this since Obama took office and started exacting his socialist agenda on our great country.  There is plenty of blame to go around—complacency, greed, laziness, apathy.  I submit that churches may not have caused the problems we have today, but certainly could have curtailed the advancement of tyranny.  In my work (my book and The Dr. Gina Show), I have laid out the way that some cowardly pastors have tolerated their flocks’ apathy, greed, complacency and laziness, and that only the...

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