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It’s Time to Focus Attention on the Disability Program

Nevirim Wrote: Apr 13, 2013 11:42 AM
family member, put them out in the trash? Or do you take care of them? For a lot of people on SSDI they feel sick at being helpless. They do fight depression because they rather do more than less, but the pain of everyday life increases, and so does the drugs they use to deal with the pain. For all those reading this stay healthy! But don't try to second guess and case dispersion against those who find themselves in this quagmire. You want to help SSI and SSDI have the Government pay back all they have borrowed form these funds and have never paid back, OH!!! That right they Our Government doesn't pay their bills or their debt, maybe that has to do with leadership! Ya Think!

When I think of the disability program, I think of the bum who is collecting a check so he can be an “adult baby” and indulge his fetish of wearing diapers. Though I guess that’s not as bad as the situation in Greece, where you can get a disability payment for being a pedophile.

But this is a much bigger and more serious issue. Earlier this morning, I took part in a joint Brooking Institution/American Enterprise Institute/Secretary’s Innovation Group conference on the disability insurance program.

I only had a minor role, posing question to Mark Duggan...