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Is it Time to Throw in the Towel?

Nevirim Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 11:28 AM
Brother Michael, It is as you have said, the fight that we face may in this world seem "done for" from a lost election to a failed company one might give in and let it be. But we don't live on this world like others, we have a vision for a day that is much different than anything this world can conceive. We have been called and likened unto sheep being slaughtered for the standards upon which we will not move. We are maligned, reticulated, and killed for the faith we live and to whom we live it. So be It! Blessed be our God and King that we to can suffer like He for the "truth" that He came to disclose to a fallen world. And it's only a part of what will become worse in our near future. The issue won't be Homosexuals or Homosexuality, it
Nevirim Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 11:34 AM
will be "Lordship" by one who calls himself God. when that day happens those who make a decision for the "true God, Jesus Christ, will face death and not sexual persecution for an unpopular view. Stay the road, and keep the Faith, Fight on for the Truth no matter who hears or who will believe, our day of vindication will happen. Shalom!!!

Republican leaders have capitulated, pro-family pundits have caved, and gay activists have announced that their struggle for equality is just about over. Is it time for biblical conservatives to throw in the towel?

What a ridiculous thought. Why in the world would we do that?

I’m fully aware that:

· Newt Gingrich recently announced his belief that same-sex unions are “inevitable” and that Republicans must accept this if they want to win future elections.

· Pro-marriage leader David Blankenhorn has recanted his opposition to same-sex “marriage,” saying “the time has come for me to accept gay marriage and...