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Obama's Swiss Cheese Campaign

nevadastu Wrote: Jul 04, 2012 2:11 PM
What kind of an American would believe the Democrat pablum, that a successful businessman who built his wealth honestly with hard work and taking risks is somehow unqualified to run the largest economy on the planet; but an arrogant, unvetted, inexperienced, narcissist with a proven record of failure, who has been groomed and influenced by unsavory characters from early youth and has had everything in life come easy to him, is the right guy for the job??
Whatever Robert's motivation was, one thing is clear. It is up to 'We the People' to right this sinking ship. Complacency is not an option for the majority who want this country restored to its historical greatness. This travesty may have been the straw that breaks the camel jockey's back.
Truth001, are you suggesting that the nationwide brotherhood and sisterhood of unions who were responsible for getting Harry Reid re-elected in NV, were unable to raise enough cash to buy the election for your union thugs, thieves, cheaters, and all the lazy, underworked and overpaid idiots that don't understand the simple concept of fiscal responsibility? Is that what you're suggesting?
The next time Hannity or O'Reilly have Coulter on their shows, I will have to turn them off. I cannot stand the woman. She is an abrasive, silly, cackling, hyena, and an embarrassment to the Conservative movement in America. She's arrogant, flighty and obnoxious and has the personality of a hard core liberal. She acts like a highschool valley girl with a crush when she talks about Romney or Christie.
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