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not even close. FOr the ones that are unemployed, ducks to be them too, maybe they should have studied harder in life instead of working in factories doing jobs peasants in China can do for almost free. Why blame government? I thought you didn't want government involved in the economy? Can't have it both ways.
Yup. And we're in charge. You can't do anything but post on this site. What's that going to do? nothing.
any proof from a legitimate source?
LOL, thank you for continuing to make my point.
You're in no position to make predictions. After you foolish Romney predictions, even in the face of polls and data showing otherwise, you have proven you know nothing. Stick a sock in it you blowhard and come back when you can demonstrate you can correctly make a prediction.
If he deserves impeachment, why doesn't a legislator bring up charges?
Actually most don't care. Nor does the media. Only far right loonies who don't matter in life post about it because that's all they can do is whine.
If there really were violations, why haven't any investigations started?
What infanticide? And show me where Obama made that quote? So far you've come up with nothing except BS. Why can't you come up with one statue of the constitution that Obama and his administration have violated? Is it because you don't know or are just making up BS? Would you even know a constitutional violation if one hit you in the head? So far you've proven that you would not with your baseless claims. But keep going on and making a fool of yourself.
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